Wednesday, 13th April 2022


Keeping in view the importance and urgency of intercession in the present times, CHARIS has established an Intercession Commission.. Cyril John (India) is Coordinator and Sheny de Gongora (Guatemala) is a member of the CHARIS Intercession Commission. It is responsible for the promotion and networking of intercession world-wide within “the current of grace”.

In view of the suffering of people on account of the war involving the people of Russia and Ukraine, the CHARIS Intercession Commission organized a 12-hour’ worldwide online adoration and intercession for peace in Ukraine on Wednesday 13th April, 2022 from 9 am to 9 pm Rome time. The event was organized on Zoom and the CHARIS International YouTube channel. 

After a short introduction by Cyril John, the inaugural Mass was presided over by the Most Rev. Bishop Francis Kalist, Episcopal Adviser to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India. This was followed by a message from Pino Scafuro, Moderator of CHARIS.  Bishop Dmytro Bohdan Hryhorak of Buchch, Ukraine, explained in a message the need and urgency of praying for peace in Ukraine.

The remaining time was divided into 30 slots of 20-minutes’ duration, which was led by various countries grouped together in different languages. In all about 100 countries prayed for intentions connected with peace in the world in about 60 languages. The time of adoration ended with solemn Benediction by the Most Rev. Bishop Francis Kalist at 9 pm (Rome time). It ended with a concluding message from Sheny de Gongora. 

This was one of the largest networks of online adoration and intercession for peace in Ukraine. Intercessors from different nations testified that it was a very powerful experience of praying in unity for the world. 

The CHARIS Intercession Commission senses an urgent calling to continue to pray for Ukraine, Russia and the people suffering on account of the war. We need to pray that the war will cease and peace and justice may prevail. Please keep this intention in your prayers and that of your group/ministry/community. We look forward to your close association with our efforts in the area of intercession and hope to keep you informed of future initiatives by the Commission.  Till then let us be united in our prayers. 


CHARIS Intercession Commission



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