Jean-Luc Moens: a training that I recommend to all those who want to learn how to preach in the Charismatic Renewal.

I have just participated in the Logos CHARIS Seminar, masterfully led by Pepe Prado Flores. We were about a dozen people to follow the training in Italian on Zoom. Different points touched me:

– The interactive pedagogy that allowed our small group to know and appreciate each other; for this reason, the Seminar is given in groups of 12 people ;

– I recommend the training to all those who want to learn how to build and give a teaching in the Renewal: the Seminar is full of very useful practical advices but also of spiritual suggestions to learn how to follow the Holy Spirit;

– The presence of many young people in this Seminar, which is especially adapted for them: it is a very useful formation for future servants of the Renewal called to exercise responsibilities;

– The communicative zeal of our animator, Pepe Prado, for the Word of God and the fire that he was able to share with us in just a few hours–an unforgettable experience.

I recommend this experience to all those who want to progress in the art of giving teachings while listening to the Holy Spirit.

Jean-Luc Moens
CHARIS Moderator

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