Abhy Thomas has been chosen as the new Coordinator of the CNSC. Abhy has been involved with Catholic Charismatic Renewal for over 20 years through the international Catholic movement, Jesus Youth. He has served the Lord through Jesus Youth in various capacities, including as the first Youth Coordinator in the UK, two terms as Jesus Youth UK National Coordinator, and a member of the Jesus Youth international council.

Abhy is now looking forward to the new role and is thankful for the encouragement and prayer support he has received.

He told CHARIS England and Wales: “The words I’ve been receiving through the intercession network and from several of you in the last few weeks are filling me with so much hope for what the Lord has in store for us, the Church, and this land. May His will be done, and may we allow ourselves to be channels of His grace.

Abhy has led and spoken at various charismatic events both in the UK and across Europe. Abhy has a great passion for creative and new ways of evangelization in a digital world and a heart for forming young missionary disciples. Living in Maulden with his wife Saumya and their four young children, Abhy is part of the executive leadership team of a multinational organisation. He has high hopes for CHARIS England and Wales.

I also sense deeply that the Lord is going to use CHARIS to lead the Church in England and Wales and to guide this country into a new springtime,” he said.

As we prepare for the great jubilee, I sense a new evangelical mandate emerging. An evangelical mandate that will unite and build bridges among communities, expressions, and denominations, to carry the message of Christ to every corner of this country.”

Abhy was quick to pay tribute to the ‘vision’ and ‘leadership’ of his predecessor Maria Heath

He said: “Thank you, Maria, for your selflessness, commitment, sacrifices, focus, vision, determination, care, patience, and leadership over the last few years. You’ve guided CCR in England & Wales through its transition to CHARIS, you’ve laid the foundations for CCR to be a gift not just for a few but for the whole Church.”

“We started to transition to CHARIS in the midst of COVID, and your guidance was invaluable during that period. Last year’s overflow was possible only because of your vision and determination, a true blessing to the nation. Thank you again for your leadership. While we’ll miss your wisdom and presence in the CNSC meetings, I’m certain you’ll still be around to support, guide, and, most importantly, pray for us.”

“Let’s thank God for Maria, Alex, and the kids.”


‘I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and prayers.’


Maria Heath was quick to offer her support for Abhy and spoke of the ‘privilege’ she felt in taking on the role of Chair.
I want to thank Abhy Thomas for agreeing to take on the role of coordinator following his election,” she told the CHARIS newsletter.
I have been coordinating CHARIS England and Wales since its launch and prior to that I was Chair of the NSC for a term.”

So after six and a half years, it is time for me to step down and hand on the baton of leadership.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and prayers. It has been a privilege to get to know so many of you during this time.

Maria paid special tribute to the support of her family. She said: “I want to say a special word of thanks to my husband Alex and our children, who have made sacrifices and worked hard to give me the time I have needed to serve the CCR. As many of you will have experienced, my family have often come with me around the country to support me which has been an amazing blessing.”

I remain committed to CCR and will continue to serve in different ways as the Lord directs me, so you will still see me around.

Maria welcomed the appointment of Abhy as new Chair, sharing her belief that CCR is in ‘safe hands.’

I have got to know Abhy and his beautiful family over the last few years. He is a man after God’s own heart, full of wisdom. He has a passion for the Lord and a reliance on God’s strength that has been an inspiration to me. I know that CCR in England and Wales is in safe hands, and I ask you all to pray for him and his family as he takes on this service.”

Let’s pray for both Abhy and Maria in this new season. Come, Holy Spirit.

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