Election and Nomination Results


The CCSC meeting was held in Kota Kinabalu from March 10 – 12. Mr Anthony Lim and the Light of Jesus Christ Community generously welcomed us and cared for us during the course of the meeting. As we were unable to meet over the course of the last 3 years due to Covid restrictions, the first day of our meeting was spent in prayer and building a solid foundation for our relationship together. Archbishop John Wong received the participants of the CCSC and celebrated Mass with us before hosting us for dinner. The experience of discerning, electing and nominating was a very peaceful experience under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We can honestly say that when we left the meeting, we had established deep friendships and looked forward to serving God’s people both in Asia and Oceania.

After the discernment and election participated by (19) NSC representatives, ministries, and youth representatives during the CHARIS Asia/Oceania Continental Service of Communion, March 11, 2023, we have the results:


Continental Coordinating Team:

  • Oceania – Shayne Bennett (Australia) – Coordinator
  • Bernadette Beredico (Qatar) – Secretary
  • Asia – Cyril John (India)
  • Asia – Fe M. Barino (Philippines)
  • Anthony Lim (Malaysia)
  • Jun Cruz (Philippines)
  • Satyaprakash Patiraj Yadav (India)
  • Endie Rahardja (Indonesia)
  • Haruyo Oguma (Japan)
  • Mr. Pereira Jerryboy Jacob (Saudi Arabia)


Shayne Bennett

Continental Team Coordinator


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