The Integral Formation Program – IFP – started on the 29th of April.  It is a programme that develops over 44 lessons in an online-training format, and each participant can listen to the speaker in five languages: Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French. It is the gift of technology that makes it possible to reach so many different people from every latitude of the world. Through this training programme, CHARIS is responding to a specific objective of its own and to the many requests that have been made to it in recent years. It also feels the urgent need to train people who know ‘how to give an account of the hope that is within them’. And then, as Pope Francis writes, It will do much good in deepening our understanding of the event that gave birth to the current of grace that is the Charismatic Renewal. This Integral Formation is not only limited to learning more about this current of grace, but also takes it out to the Church and the world to achieve the transformation that the Holy Spirit makes;” and he encourages us to participate in an “active” way in the certainty that “it will do much good to all those who participate.”

The topics proposed range from personal encounters with Jesus, to prayer groups, the Bible, the Magisterium of the Church and the human sciences. It is a very rich and vast range, useful both to those who are already in the Charismatic Renewal, and to those who are encountering this current of grace for the first time through these teachings, but also to those who wish to deepen their faith.

The objective is not only cognitive: through these teachings, the Holy Spirit, through the voices of the various speakers, wishes to encourage, strengthen and revive the Charismatic Renewal so that it can go out with new vigour to the Church and the world and bring about the transformation that He dreams of for humanity. 

Already more than 2500 participants from 89 countries have benefited from this training programme.

Below we share with you some of the comments we have received:

  • Once again, I thank you for your beautiful initiative of the IFP, a good opportunity to better know and serve Jesus Christ. Courage and perseverance.  Antoine Sagara – Malawi
  • I am enjoying the classes very much.  As a retired teacher, I take this very seriously and probably am overdoing it a bit!   First, I download the talk, and after reading it, I listen to the presentation and take notes.  I answer the questions in the notebook I have for the courses.  Some of us met online on Saturday with Dr. John Gresham. I really enjoyed the ZOOM discussion in the video conference. I shared a lot. Debbie Walker – USA
  • Hello everyone,  we were a little apprehensive about the level of the lessons, but we found that everything was very understandable and affordable. We like the translation which is not sentence by sentence and therefore very easy to follow. We are very happy to have such training that encourages and excites us. The Holy Spirit has inspired an excellent initiative that brings us a lot and really helps us in relation to our prayer group of which we are servants. We are already seeing the fruits of it.  In union of prayer thank you very much for this training. Bless you. Claude Buissonnet – France
  • Good afternoon, the course is going very well. I’m going slowly because I’m very new, and it’s only this year that a friend invited me and I got to know the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  I’m going very slowly and usually I have to listen to them at least twice. These are new things for me.  Not in terms of the doctrine and the truths of the faith, but in the different way of praying. I find it exciting.   Thank you. Glory to God. Maria T – Italy
  • Hello.  I would like to start by saying a big and sincere thank you for this great initiative on the part of CHARIS. The teachers I have listened to are very attractive. In my humble opinion this is what our church needs today or at least what the particular church in Burkina Faso that I know better needs.  My questions are the following. Jean-Pierre – Namibia
  • Dear brothers and sisters, the peace and joy of Christ! I am very pleased with the special attention you give to each member of the IFP platform. I thank you and congratulate you very much.  First of all I can tell you that this program is a very good experience in my Christian life. The programme is very nourishing, engaging and reassuring. Bless you.  Indeed, in addition to these online teachings, our diocese has organised days of accompaniment and all those registered meet every Saturday from 7am to 12pm.  I also thank you for your remarks, suggestions and your availability to answer all my concerns via the email address.  I will react much more accordingly. Thank you very much. Lala Esther – Togo
  • May God bless you abundantly CHARIS International family. You are doing a great deal for the happiness of God’s children. Thank you very much 
  • Thank you so much!!! The course is a marvel!!! God bless you! Mário Abel 
  • Hello, although I am late in experiencing the course, I am going, I am amazed with the content, the testimonies and the joy that is experienced in the renewal, the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives changes everything, because we are strengthened to accept, love and walk for God through Jesus Christ. I want to drink more from this source of water, to walk according to the purposes of Christ for me, for those around me. Thank you for this course! Leontina Serôdio – Portugal
  • This teaching was very encouraging. Thanks so much for the well-expressed message. For sure, the teachers who teach through personal experience about the encounter with Jesus give people desire to seek the Lord. I thank God that I am part of the course.  Magdalene Gatuma – Kenya 



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