Christmas donation campaign

Dear friends of the big family of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal:

As you know, CHARIS is at your service. Created by the will of Pope Francis, CHARIS has received from the Holy Father three main missions: To share the baptism in the Holy Spirit with everyone in the Church; to work for the unity of Christians and to promote service to the poor and, in general, to serve the entire Current of Grace in its various needs.

To carry out its mission, CHARIS needs everyone! First of all, through your prayers, but also through your donations.

Some volunteers who serve CHARIS, interested in collaborating with this Service, have proposed to launch a Christmas donation campaign. Thanks to their work, we propose our first Christmas donation campaign that will take place throughout the month of December.

You can participate easily: with one click you can give the amount you have chosen. There are no small donations! Each one donates according to their possibilities, in the assurance that even their two coins will be multiplied by the love and power of the Holy Spirit.