On this page you will find a list of the charismatic communities present in Europe which have registered with CHARIS in order to manifest their communion with the whole Charismatic Renewal and their desire to receive the services of CHARIS or to collaborate in these services. The registration of each of these communities in CHARIS does not in any way constitute ecclesial recognition which only the competent authorities of the Church can grant.

  • Community of Jesus (Bari)
Bosnia and Herzigovina
  • Dobri pastir Bjelovar [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Čakovac/Vratišinec [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Čazma [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Dugo Selo [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Kaštela [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Klis [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Konjšćina [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Marija Bistrica [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Sinj [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Slavonski Brod [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Sračinec [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Zabok [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Zagreb [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Zlatar [ENC]
  • Dobri pastir Zlatar Bistrica [ENC]
  • Emmanuel Community
  • Risen Jesus Community
  • Temple of the Holy Spirit [Sword of the Spirit]
  • Magnificat Community
UK (North Ireland)
UK (Scotland)
  • Acts of Apostles [ENC]
  • Agape [ENC]
  • Alive osier [ENC]
  • Annunciation [ENC]
  • Ark [ENC]
  • Bethel [ENC]
  • Blessing [ENC]
  • Children of Light [ENC]
  • Emmanuel Community
  • Community of the Russion affiliation of School of Mary [ENC]
  • Deaconia of Prayer of the Light of Life Movement [ENC]
  • Effata [ENC]
  • Emmaus [ENC]
  • Face of the Lord [ENC]
  • Faith, Hope and Love and Their
  • Mother Sophia [ENC]
  • Fimiam [ENC]
  • Galilea [ENC]
  • Gethsemane [ENC]
  • Grape Osier [ENC]
  • Jesus Christ the King of the World [ENC]
  • Jesus the Source of Love [ENC]
  • Kaleo [ENC]
  • Light of Love [ENC]
  • Light of the World [ENC]
  • Like Mary [ENC]
  • Living Fire [ENC]
  • Living Water [ENC]
  • Living Word [ENC]
  • Love of Christ [ENC]
  • Maranatha [ENC]
  • Men of St. Joseph International
  • Mercy [ENC]
  • Nazareth [ENC]
  • Oranta [ENC]
  • Peace be with You [ENC]
  • Pure Hearts under the Cover of Virgin Mary [ENC]
  • Resurrection [ENC]
  • Resurrection and Life [ENC]
  • Ruach [ENC]
  • Saint Mark [ENC]
  • School of Evangelization of Saint Andrew Ukraine [ENC]
  • Tavor [ENC]
  • Temple of Holy Spirit [ENC]
  • Transfiguration [ENC]
  • Vineyard [ENC]
  • Witnesses of Jesus [ENC]
  • Word of Life [ENC]
  • Worship, under the patronage of St. John Paul [ENC]