The first CHARIS – Indonesia NSC Conference took place online on October 16-17 2021.  It was attended by 845 people on the first day and by 645 on the second day.

Pino Scafuro, CHARIS Moderator, sent a video-message from Argentina inviting us to work for the mission that the Holy Father has entrusted to the whole current of grace.  

The conference was attended by Mons. Henricus Pidyarto Gunawan, O. Carm (Bishop of Malang, Indonesia – Diocese of Malang), who, in his opening address, briefly explained the history of the creation of CHARIS and its importance as an entity at the service of all the charismatic realities arising within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Indonesia and throughout the world. He also explained the objectives and missions of the CHARIS- Indonesia NSC (based on CHARIS statutes). Then, quoting Matthew 5:9, he explained that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love and that everyone who is reborn through the Holy Spirit and filled with the Holy Spirit of Love is expected become an instrument of peace and love. 

Later, Father Steve Winarto explained what it means to have ‘one heart and one spirit’ and recommended serving God in joy, to be personally joyful and thus able to share that joy with other people. We are to serve God with one heart and one spirit, because this is our only goal, irrespective of the charismatic reality we come from. One heart means that the depths of our hearts are united with the same God we serve together.

In his address Card. Ignatius Suharyo talked to us about the unity of Christians. He started reminding us about the Second Vatican Council Decree on Ecumenism “Unitatis Redintegratio” to unite divided Christians. 

He explained that one of the objectives of the Second Vatican Council was restoring the unity of Christians because God wants a united Church. The Cardinal insisted that the most important thing is to understand that Christians need to be more and more united.  It is not easy to remain united but with a general effort full unity can be attained. The effort is in motion through the activities carried out in the social context, helping people who lack many things, along with efforts in dialoguing, etc. Cooperation between Christians of all the Churches can show Christ’s face. Cardinal Suharyo added that cooperation between Christians has a long history and that, by cooperation, also in living as Indonesian Christians, we can also be more united.

Participants were able to donate to the Kkottongnae Community in Indonesia.


Ronaldus Ronald

    CHARIS Indonesia NSC Coordinator

Translation: Paolo Zanna




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