Rome, St John Lateran, 28th October, 2023

Dear brothers and sisters

The CHARIS organization began its journey on the day of Pentecost, 2019. In these few, short years – and with the pandemic in the middle of it all – you have carried forward a task that is not easy, and we can see that progress has been made.

Your international service body offers space for the diverse charismatic expressions. To this the continental service bodies have been added and now also those at national level. The Integral Formation Program has been approached with responsibility and special emphasis has been given to the work for the unity of Christians, with initiatives throughout the world. Furthermore, many of your communities give witness to fraternity and the joy of the Gospel, looking for new ways of sharing the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit and working for human development on the peripheries of life. I encourage you to continue walking together on the path you have begun, offering the richness of your charism with passion and creativity in the diverse areas of society.

I ask you to remain united in prayer, making sure that you put God always at the center. May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin take care of you. And, please, do not forget to pray for me.




To the General Assembly of CHARIS

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