ZAGREB, Croatia, 24-26 February 2023


The meeting was held with the participation of about 80 delegates from 16 to 21 European countries, representing from the various National Communion Services in the countries of Europe.

Our meeting was planned with the goal of praying and discerning about the direction God wants to give to our communion. We were also together to build communion among ourselves, talk about our common projects, but most of all to work and discover our vocation and our role in the revival of Europe, rediscovering our Christian roots. We work in the Lord’s harvest, and we must be prepared for the coming season of grace by allowing the Holy Spirit to act as a springboard for our mission.

We devote time to prayer, following somewhat the model of the Five Keys of the “Delivered Ministry UNBOUND”: Repentance, to which we devoted more time, starting with the 7 deadly sins: personal, community, national and ecclesial penance. Then to forgiveness, renunciation, the word of authority, and finally the blessing, which we received from the priests and the bishop who were present.

On Friday evening we experienced a time of penance taking our cue from the book of Numbers 21:7.

“The people came to Moses and said, We have sinned when we spoke against the Lord and against you. Pray that the Lord will turn the serpents away from us.” We asked ourselves, Are we in a right relationship with the Lord, both personally and collectively as CHARIS Europe?

On Saturday we meditated again on the Word by stopping on Nu 11:16-30 and took time to reflect on Jesus’ choice for each of us, the need to pray for one another and to listen to what the Lord wants to say to each of our realities. So that we are freed from all complaining and laziness.

Each national coordinator introduced their delegation and the Renewal realities they represented. Then they had a chance to answer the question, “What are you most excited about in your realities recently?”

On Saturday afternoon, there was a meditation on the missions of Moses and Joshua, respectively:

– Moses is an undisputed leader. He had to face the permanent crisis of the people and the constant uprisings have wounded his heart. Joshua shares spiritual leadership with him, he is prophetic like Moses although he does not have the visions like Moses, yet he is strategic, practical, a leader of permanent victory. He has a fresh heart, not wounded by pain.

Every period needs its leader. We are witnessing enormous cultural changes; we are like a battlefield. We need to be trained for this battle. We need more Joshua’s for our times.

We ended this time of intense and beautiful prayer, interceding for each nation. Damian Stayne gave us a strong message and image about what God was working around us. After this experience, “Raising up new prophets” became our recurring saying for the weekend.

Sunday’s day was devoted to learning more about CHARIS, Etienne Mellot (SICC member) explained how CHARIS is structured in the various levels. It was decided that there will be one presential meeting per year of the Continental Service of CHARIS Europe.

This weekend served for the various realities of Charismatic Renewal in the nations represented there, to come closer together. During this meeting we sought to build community, where prophets work in unity. We drew together on the Word of God, which revealed to us His will for each of us and our realities. Moreover, this weekend helped us understand that we need to prepare for the new times with penance, reconciliation, building unity, increasing our faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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