The CNSC has released tickets and information about its ‘big national conference’, OVERFLOW, on 1 July 2023-and you are invited. Book tickets by clicking the links below.


OVERFLOW is the first national gathering organised by CHARIS England and Wales (CNSC). CHARIS seeks to bring together individuals, communities, prayer groups and movements in CCR, who share in baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church and beyond.

OVERFLOW is an invitation to gather in unity just outside Birmingham on Saturday 1 July in the Bethel Convention Centre. There will be streams for school-age participants and a creche for infants alongside events for adults on the main stage-parents must stay with children under 5. Doors open from 9.00 am, but the programme runs from 10.30 am – 6.30 pm.

Under-18s attend free; there is a £12 charge for each adult, but a discount to £10 if you book by Easter Sunday. If cost is a problem, please contact CHARIS to explain your circumstances, and some support will be offered.

There is an exciting range of speakers for the day. These will include popular American speakers and couple Deacon Larry and Andi Oney, Bishop of Northampton David Oakley, and young people from the Ascent-the discipleship movement which is sweeping across today’s youth like wildfire and raising up a new generation of passionate disciples of Christ.



Places for children’s streams will be limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

There are separate booking forms for adults and children. Please fill them in to secure your place.

Book here for adults.

Book here for under 18s.


CNSC Chair Maria Heath shared her hopes for the day.

“The big thing we are heading towards this year is a big national conference on 1st July called OVERFLOW,” Maria said.

“The idea is that, as we gather together in unity to worship him, and to grow in our life in the Spirit, that will overflow in the wider Church and the world as we go back home and share the blessings. We hope that everyone who is open to CCR will join us on the day, including members of communities and movements, prayer groups, families and individuals. There will be children’s streams, too. Where there is a deep unity, the Spirit moves very powerfully. Psalm 33 teaches us about the overflow of the Spirit that comes from unity.”

Food is not provided as part of the registration cost. Please bring your own food and hot or cold drinks for the day.

Please pray for the day, that all who come will be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, and seek to share the joy of the Gospel when they leave. Come, Holy Spirit.


SATURDAY 1 JULY 2023 10.30am-6.30pm

VENUE: Bethel Convention Centre, Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, Birmingham, B70 7JW


For more information:

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