JUNE 2024



May Our Heavenly Father bless the Mission of CHARIS:

1. We pray for the spiritual success of CENACLE 2024 that the Lord paves the way and all the obstacles are removed both for organizers and for those who feel called to participate.

2. We pray for CHARIS’ Projects: for the planning and organizing teams of the CHARIS Jubilee celebrations and related events to be held in Rome in March-April 2025 as well as for all CHARIS/CCR projects in place to promote the culture of Pentecost across the world at the continental, national and local levels.



For everyone in the Church leadership at every level respond to the call of the Holy Father -in his own words-: to make 2024 “a great symphony of prayer; above all, to recover the desire to be in the presence of the Lord, to listen to him and worship him”. Thus, that prayer regains its prominent place in the lives of every Catholic family and individual.



We pray for peace and for the end of all types of violence: We beg the Lord for the end of ongoing wars but also the violence related to all sorts of crime, civil unrest, religious persecution as well as domestic violence happening in different parts of the world.


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