On September 26, 2020, the National Service of Communion of CHARIS Brazil (SNCCB) promoted a National Online Meeting, aimed at all expressions of the Current of Grace.


The meeting was held on the theme, “The love of Christ has united us”, and was attended by Monsignor Mario Spaki, Referent Bishop of CHARIS at the CNBB (National Conference of Bishops of Brazil), FR. Alexandre Awi Mello, Secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life; Gabriela da Rocha Dias, representative of the Portuguese language in the International Service of Communion of CHARIS and Jean-Luc Moens, Moderator of CHARIS. Were also present the members of the National Service of Communion of CHARIS Brazil, musicians, among other brothers who guide the various moments with the aim of sowing love and unity in the whole current of grace.

Moments of prayer, praise, preaching, witness, adoration and intense outpouring of the Holy Spirit were experienced by more than eleven thousand participants from Brazil and other countries.

Mons. Mario Spaki, stressed that “Pope Francis has established care, love and affection for the poor as one of the objectives of CHARIS”. He added: “There is a personal dimension and a community dimension that we must fulfill in the current of grace, opening our hearts to welcome the poor not to judge them, but above all to love them”.

The participation of the moderator of CHARIS, Jean-Luc Moens, brought the question that Pope Francis asked about the pandemic during the Pentecost vigil, when he asked the faithful and specially the Charismatic Renewal: “How do we want to get out of this pandemic? Better or worse?” Jean-Luc added: “… for this we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit: so that He transforms our hearts and helps us to come out better“.

With the blessings of God poured into the event, Katia Roldi Zavaris in her final message stressed “… during this event we were all overwhelmed by a great wave of Christ’s love that united us and this great wave must reach all of humanity. ”And she added:” The fields are ripe, ready for harvest, waiting for us workers of this harvest, united, to reap all souls for the Lord. And the time is now! The time has come!!” “

The meeting ended with the Angelus, where the Prayer to Mary, Mother of Unity was presented, born from the desire to pray asking for the intercession of Our Lady, since the meeting was built around unity, which it is also one of the pillars of CHARIS.

Mary, Mother of Unity, “fill our hearts with love and joy so that we can announce Christ and his divine wisdom hidden in the Cross“.



O Mary, mother of unity, always teach us how to cross roads and build bridges that lead us to true unity. Intercede with the Father to bring baptism in the Holy Spirit to all people, who in different ways seek God and want to love and serve him. Fill our hearts with love and joy in order to announce Christ and his divine wisdom hidden on the cross to everyone. Always show us the sure way, of charity and humility, at the service of the most needy. Guide us, Mother, to be one, just as your beloved Son and the Father are one, so that one day we can all enjoy eternal joys. Amen.