The 52nd International Eucharistic Congress is taking place in Budapest, CHARIS is uniting itself to this event with prayer.


The current of grace is present in the Congress through some charismatic brothers from the world


The Charismatic Renewal is a current of grace in the heart of the Church. This was once again confirmed in Budapest where the Eucharistic Congress was marked by a significant presence of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, both in the speakers who gave their testimony or animated the workshops and in the people who served the Congress.

This presence is not surprising. Indeed, there is a close link between the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit. Each Eucharist is a miracle of the Holy Spirit because it is through his action that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. The presence of the charismatic speakers helped to underline this and to make us understand that each Eucharist is a new Pentecost if we want to let ourselves be transformed by his active presence.

The congress did not only take place in an exhibition hall. The participants also went out to the squares to evangelize all over the city because the Eucharist is also the source of the mission. This mission is supported by the exercise of charisms. That is why the Budapest Church also organized street evangelizations where the charisms were welcome. Mary Healy and Damian Stayne were able to lead healing prayers on the street, supported by various brothers and sisters and the local Charismatic Renewal.

Various speakers also emphasized the social dimension of the Eucharist: communion is not only communion with the body of Christ but also communion with each other. The Eucharist therefore also leads us to go out of our churches to love and serve the poor. There too the Holy Spirit is present!

Jean-Luc Moens

Emmanuel Community

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