On the occasion of Pentecost, an event named “Pentecost of Peace” was held in Assisi organized by the Obra di Maria and Canção Nova Communities and supported by CHARIS.

Meetings for two separate groups were held for 2 days. They were attended by: The group of Brazilians 1000 people and the group of Italians 500 people.

The two events were animated by CCR’s music ministries; Canção Nova for the Brazilians and Ostia viva Community for the Italians.

Speakers for both groups were: Patti Mansfield ( CCR pioneer), Pepe Prado Flores (founder and director of San Andrés School) CCR leader, Fr. Hayden Williams O.F.M.Cap. itinerant preacher, Ironi Spuldaro, Fr. Gianni Castorani, Fr. Pasqualino di Dio and Fr. Josué.

With the group of Brazilians were also: Fr.. Gilson, Fr. Reginaldo Manzzoti, , Fr. Fabio de Melo, Sr. Patrícia Kelly, Katia Roldi, Luzia Santiago and Sr. Zélia.

In addition to the moments dedicated to catechesis, there were also times for ‘adoration, Eucharistic celebrations, testimonies and finally the event of the Brazilians ended with a show where through music all together praised the Lord.

A special moment was the presence of Antonia Salzano, mother of Carlo Acutis, whose body is in Assisi. Ms. Salzano gave a testimony of her son’s life. Only a few days later the Vatican announced that soon Carlo Acutis will be canonized, we thank Providence for this gift.

Broadcasts: The Brazilians’ event was broadcast by Canção Nova (with translations in 4 languages): on CHARIS’s YouTube and Facebook channels in English and Italian, on the Emmanuel Community’s YouTube channel in French, on CONCCLAT’s YouTube channel in Spanish, and on Canção Nova’s YouTube and Facebook channel in Portuguese. The Italian event was broadcast by the Italian TV Maria Vision.   

The great of this event was to unite the current of grace in different parts of the world, to invoke together the Holy Spirit on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the Church and the world asking for the peace so much desired in these difficult times.

The participants of the 2 groups, were undoubtedly satisfied and with the conviction of bringing to the world the joy of being clothed with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Appointment for next year (location to be determined).



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