The blue semi-circle on the right represents both the world and the mantle of Mary who protects us.

Planted in the heart of the world is the tree of the Cross that saves us.

The flame is that of the Holy Spirit who is to set fire to the world by the baptism in the Spirit that we have received.

We are represented above the flame in an act of praise animated by the flame of different colors indicating the universality of cultures and languages that are representative of the Charismatic Renewal spread throughout the world.


Who can use the CHARIS logo and under what conditions?


The use of the CHARIS logo is reserved for the International Service of Communion, the Continental Services of Communion and the National Services of Communion.

The logo identifies CHARIS worldwide. Countries or continents are not allowed to create their own CHARIS logo or modify the existing one.

The members of the different Services – International, Continental and National – can only use the CHARIS logo at official events, not at private ones.

To get the official CHARIS logo, please contact the International Office in Rome:




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