Christian Unity Commission

Purpose and goals

CHARIS, an instrument at the service of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, has instituted a “Christian Unity Commission” (CUC) for the purpose of promoting and working for unity of the body of Christ, as expressed in the prayer of Jesus Christ (John 17,21).

CUC has members representing various church denominations committed to serve the unity of all Christians through relational ecumenism, and through cooperation to help deepen and promote Evangelism, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the exercise of Charisms. To that end, CUC will offer formation and training programs in all aspects of ecumenism and will sponsor ecumenical meetings to serve its purposes.

Being together as brothers and sisters from various church backgrounds, and working together for the promotion of goals that all Christians agree to, is in itself a powerful witness to the kind of unity that our Lord desired and prayed for.

Commission members:

    • Julia Torres, Argentina – Coordinator
    • Jean Barbara, Lebanon – Greek Catholic – President Sword of the Spirit (CISC*).
    • Dr. Walter Dürr, Switzerlad – Pastor of Jahu-Community, part of the Reformed Church Family; Director of the Study Center for Faith and Society at the University of Friburg.
    • Deacon Johannes Fichtenbauer, Austria – President of European Network of Communities (CISC*).
    • Lisa Loden, Israel – Jewish Disciple of Jesus, Educator, Messianic Leader.
    • Dr. Norberto Saracco, Argentina – Pastor of Good News Church in Buenos Aires (Pentecostal) Coordinator of the Council of Pastors of Buenos Aires City.
    • Bishop Peter Smith, USA – Auxiliary Bishop Portland, Oregon (CISC*).
    • Arch Priest Father Drtad Uzunyan, Armenian Patriarchate of İstanbul, Ecumenical Representative of Patriarchate.
    • Fr. Etienne Vetö, France – Chemin Neuf Community (CISC*).
    • Christy Wimber, USA – International Teacher, Pastor, and Author.


    * CISC: CHARIS International Service of Communion


    Pentecost Ecumenical Vigil

     May 22, 2021

    Pentecost Ecumenical Vigil

    June 04, 2022

    CHARIS and Christian Unity

    “To serve the unity of the Body of Christ, the Church, the community of believers in Jesus Christ. This is very important, for the Holy Spirit reates unity in the Church, but also diversity.” (Pope Francis to CHARIS and the whole Charismatic Renewal, 8th June 2019)

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