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Paul VI Hall – Rome

2 – 4 November 2023

CHARIS invites the whole CCR: come and join us


A special opportunity to be formed in spirit and in truth with the most outstanding preachers of the Integral Formation Program, followed by thousands of people in more than 100 countries. It covers topics both from the Charismatic spirituality, as well as those emphasized by the Church. The course has been recommended by Pope Francis who will be with us together with Fr Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M.Cap., among others.

Mary’s YES changed history

Your YES to God can change the world

Registration open to participate in the event

Rome event registration fee: $100 – American Dollar or the equivalent in other currencies

The event will be held in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Take advantage of the promotion valid until 30th May

Rome event registration fee for IFP participants: $50* (American Dollar or the equivalent in other currencies)

*Promotion valid with full PFI registration, that is, for the 2022 and 2023 sessions.

To take advantage of the promotion: first register for the Integral Formation Program and then for the event. Payment and registration separately.
Those who are already participating in the IFP will receive an email with a discount coupon for the event.

Among others, will be:

  • Pope Francis
  • H. Em. Card. Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M.Cap.
  • Cardinal Kevin Farrell
  • Pino Scafuro
  • Giulia Rancan
  • Michelle Moran
  • José Prado Flores
  • Joseph Tosini
  • Nicky Gumbel
  • Maria Salomé
  • Bp. Peter Leslie Smith
  • Shayne Bennett
  • Cathy Brenti
  • Fr. Etienne Emmanuel Vetö
  • Cyril John

Topics to be addressed:

✤ Baptism in the Holy Spirit
✤ Life-filled Prayer Groups
✤ Communities in action
✤ Christian unity
✤ Human promotion from Gospel values
✤ Prophetic intercession

✤ Capacities
• Natural and Supernatural
• Ordinary and Extraordinary
• Divine Providence – Wonders – Miracles

✤ The creativity of the Spirit
• The creativity of the Spirit overcomes human limitations
• Creative experiences and proposals
• Exploring new methods for Effective Mission
• Proposals to proclaim the Gospel with creativity
• The Miraculous Peach

✤ Charisms
• Words of knowledge and wisdom
• Revelation – Vision and dreams
• Discernment – Prudence
• Speaking in tongues – Singing in the Spirit
• Interpretation – Glossolalia – Xenoglossia – Hetero-xenoglossia
• Healing

✤ Controversial Topics
• Demonology
     – Levels of action of the evil
     – Sin – Renunciation – Deliverance
• False attributions to demons
     – Superstitions
     – Esotericism
     – Paranormal phenomena
     – The talents of the unconscious
     – Apparitions: time and space
     – Simulcognition – Retrocognition – Precognition


On the 2nd of November, some of these topics will be covered in the workshops. More details forthcoming.


The community Obra de Maria offers packs for: travel – accommodation – transportation. If you would like these services, please contact them.

To know more about the packs, click here.

Email: – Leonardo Leitão


For more information, or questions related to the event, please write to:

The process to send the invitation letter for applying a visa to attend the November event in Rome, will be done starting May 1st.

Come and be a protagonist!

Rome, 2 – 4 November 2023 

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