First International Conference for Charismatic Communities Leaders
Recife – Brazil 15-17 January 2020


Dear friends

As has been announced at the debut of CHARIS in Rome during the Pentecost Conference, the First international Conference for leaders of the Charismatic Communities will take place in Brazil, Recife, from January 15th to 17th, 2020. I would like to remind you that Recife is the city where Dom Hélder Câmara, great friend of Cardinal Suenens, was bishop.

This meeting is aimed for community leaders. Each invited community can send two representatives. It will be a formation meeting whose purpose is to share our experiences to help us to better serve the Lord and the Church with our respective charisms.

Some of the topics we will address will be

– CHARIS and communities

– Ecumenical communities

– In the footsteps of Dom Hélder Câmara

– Our action in the suburbs

– Abuses, does it only happen to others?

– How to evangelize young people?

– Communities, sources of vocations for the Church

Hoping to be numerous in Recife I entrust this important meeting to your prayer.


Jean-Luc Moens
CHARIS Moderator


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