Pentecost Ecumenical Vigil


With the special participation of Pope Francis and Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

CHARIS, through the Commission for Christian Unity, held the Pentecost Ecumenical Vigil 2022. A great moment of totally ecumenical prayer from three countries: Australia, Burkina Faso and Lebanon.


A great moment of fully ecumenical prayer broadcast live from 3 cities in the world to invoke the Holy Spirit.

Burkina Faso | Africa

Australia | Oceania

Lebanon | Middle East (Asia)

Special participation

Pope Francis

Pope Francis to CHARIS and the whole Charismatic Renewal, 8th June 2019


to serve the unity of the Body of Christ, the Church, the community of believers in Jesus Christ. This is very important, for the Holy Spirit creates unity in the Church, but also diversity. The personality of the Holy Spirit is interesting: with the charisms he creates the greatest diversity, but then he harmonizes the charisms in unity. Saint Basil says that “the Holy Spirit is harmony”; he creates harmony: harmony in the Spirit and harmony among us.”

Ignatius Aphrem II

Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East.


Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church, was enthroned on May 29, 2014.
After completing his studies in Lebanon, he ministered in Aleppo. After completing his theological studies in Cairo, he returned to Syria. In 1996 he became metropolitan for the American communities in the diaspora. He participated for many years in the ecumenical work of the patriarchate by representing his community in major world assemblies.
The Syrian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest Eastern Christian communities. It has more than four million faithful in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Syrian Orthodox communities are also present in Germany, Sweden and the United States.

To review the Vigil


CHARIS International


CHARIS International









Conduction from France:  Kinga Lakatos e Gabriel Roussinau

First connection

Australia – Oceania

Second connection

Burkina Faso – Africa 

Third connection

Lebanon – Middle East (Asia)

Saturday 04 June
09 p.m. Rome Time

The vigil will be online and will be available in different languages and on various channels: Youtube, Facebook etc. To participate in the vigil, you do not need to register.

Let us pray in expectation of Pentecost

Like Mary and the disciples, who were assiduous in prayer and waited in the cenacle for the coming of the Holy Spirit, let us also prepare ourselves for this crucial moment in the life of the Church, so that we may be ready to receive the Holy Spirit.  

Also this year CHARIS proposes a preparation to better live the celebration of Pentecost.

First stage: Week of prayer

The week of prayer proposes an immersion in the Word of God so that through it our heart is converted and leaves a free space where the Holy Spirit can act as He wills and when He wills. 

Second stage: Prayer Vigil 

The Ecumenical Pentecost Vigil will take place on June 4 at 21:00 (Rome time) and will be broadcasted in 5 languages. Don’t miss it!

You will receive power when the holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses.

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