Working to celebrate Jesus Christ and extend his Kingdom!

We have just entered a unique decade, and in ten years we will celebrate the event that changed the course of history: 2033 will mark 2000 years since the death and resurrection of Christ!

This anniversary is so important that we want to work with faith and a specific attention to celebrate it with dignity.

We are setting up a work agenda for a journey until 2033: missions, events, celebrations, evangelization, etc.

As missionary disciples, we already have many areas of apostolate in our communities, associations prayer groups… , but we want to be open to what the Holy Spirit will inspire us.

How can we put into practice the great commandment of Jesus:
“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation”?
What are God’s thoughts and plans for 2033:
would you like to discover them with us?
Let’s work together, united in diversity, each with one’s own charisma and organization!
A challenge that affects all Christians!
Let us reflect on these three actions:





God has given talents to each of us, and also to you: how then can we value them and share them?

How can we energize this project by making it live in each of our local realities?

The current Synod is tracing a path, giving us a glimpse of the fruits. Let us collaborate together.

We welcome all those who wish to listen with us to the Holy Spirit so that he may guide us towards 2033.

Write to us at:  info@charis.international

This mission is for each of us!

I accept the challenge! I also participate in this mission.

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