From June 30 to July 7 was held the first All African CCR Youth Leadership Conference with the main theme “Multiplication of Leadership” (Lk 10:1-2). The conference was organized as part of the celebration of Golden Jubilee of CCR in Uganda Martyr’s Shrine in Namugongo, Uganda. The main organizer of the Conference was Continental Service of Communion CHARIS Africa.


More than 80 young leaders from 28 African countries attended the Conference. They showed great zeal and wish to attend the Conference, hear the leadership formation and receive the knowledge and blessings for the youth in their countries. Many of them had travelled a long way to come to this Conference. I’d like to point out this group of youth from Zambia, as they travelled by bus for 4 days without any significant break, simply to attend the Conference. As I’m writing this article, they are on their 4-day long trip home. I am sure that their sacrifice will be pleasant in God’s eyes.

Photo: Alexi Okello

During the whole Conference, we could testify the communion present among these young leaders. But even more than communion, their love for Christ that they showed in joyful sessions of praise and worship that can only be witnessed in Africa. They listened to numerous teachings and testimonies of bright examples of youth ministries and communities in Africa and further. The topics that were discussed are very important in youth leadership formation, but also in building youth communities, groups and ministries.

Topics as: Cultivating a personal relationship with the Lord; New Leadership for New Africa; Circles of life; talk on Gifts, Calling and Christian Character; Heart of a Leader; Leadership Principals; Servant Leadership; Purpose, Meaning and Passion; Importance of Vision; Spiritual Mentorship; Youth holistic formation based on teachings of bl. Ivan Merz; Youth bridge and formation models; Importance of involvment in structures of society and bringing grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit to those structures, and many more.

Speakers were Josephine Neema (coordinator at CCSMU), Emmanuel Temakloe (Renewal Ministries Ghana coordinator), Alex Okello (NET ministries coordinator), Maxwell Apiiga (CHARIS Youth Coordinator Ghana), Irene Agbezugue (CHARIS Youth Coordinator Togo), Moses Chimfwembe (CHARIS Youth Coordinator Zambia), Epimark Mbeteni (Inter-college Youth Ministry, Tanzania), Kabore Nebpawinde Emile (University Youth Ministry, Burkina Faso), Omer Djibla (Youth Coordinator Burkina Faso and new Youth Coordinator for CHARIS Africa), Mišo Lukenda (leader of Nanovo rođeni community, Croatia), Josip Bilandžija (Youth representative at CHARIS ISC).

Photo: Alexi Okello


Special thanks have to go to speakers and supporters of this event – Jean Christophe Sakiti (French speaking Africa representative at CHARIS ISC), Dr. Alfonso (coordinator at Cordination team of CHARIS CSC Africa) and Fred Mawanda (English and Portugese speaking Africa representative at CHARIS ISC), who was main visionary and organizer of this Conference. Their fatherly approach and strong vision for youth in Africa gives confidence that meetings like this can change the face of Africa. It was a great example of picture that the Holy Father, Pope Francis, mentioned in one of his homilies: “It shall come to pass: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions” (Joel 3:1). Who if not the young can take the dreams of their elders and carry them forward?” This young generation can carry the dream that their leaders are dreaming. It is also an example for other continental services to continue in the footsteps of Africa and organize Continental Youth Conferences.


Photo: Alexi Okello

On Friday, July 5, the elections for Youth commision for CHARIS Africa were held. In a Spirit of prayer and communion, 19 national youth coordinators elected the 6-person-Commission. The members of this Commission are: Maxwell Apiiga (Ghana), Jude (Uganda), Moses Chimfwembe (Zambia), Sylvia Abi (Cameroon), Lucien Mugisho (DR Congo) and Omer Djibla (Burkina Faso). Maxwell Apiiga was elected as Anglophone Africa coordinator and Omer Djibla for Francophone Africa. As last part of the elections for African youth coordinator Omer Djibla was elected.

Many speakers mentioned the promptings they received from the Holy Spirit that this group of young people can change Africa. Topics covered all the important things needed for this change to happen, and these young people and their respective leaders are to implement what they received and start the change.

I know this can be only done through help of Holy Spirit, that is why I call everybody reading this article to include them in their prayers so we could all witness New Africa, born in the fire of the Holy Spirit.



Josip Bilandžija
Youth representative at CISC

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