We gladly propose once again the prayer composed by His Eminence Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M. Cap.

His prayer will remain for the whole current of grace a precious invocation to the Holy Spirit, so that the CCR may continue to spread the grace of a New Pentecost!

Soon also in audio.


Spirit Paraclete,

thou who hast raised up in the Church

the Charismatic Renewal,

descend again with power

On all the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the world.


Grant that the whole “current of grace”

be animated with new momentum.


With your holy anointing,

enable all of us to proclaim the good news to the poor

and to heal afflicted hearts.


Purify what is unclean in the Charismatic Renewal,

Heal what is wounded in it,

Warm what is chilled,

Straighten what is astray.


Bring together the scattered children of God

and Christians divided among them.


Renew our courage,

fill our loneliness in the world,

create in us intimacy with God!


Come, Holy Spirit, from the pierced side of Christ on the cross!

Come from the mouth of the Risen One!

Come and renew the face of the Church. Amen


His Em. Card. Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M. Cap.


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