“I also see that CHARIS has now publication rights to the Malines Documents. The president has given me the Spanish translation. Thank you! This is a good thing. Make those documents known! As I have said to you on different occasions, they are a “user’s manual”, the compass of the current of grace.” (Pope Francis to the Charismatic Renewal  at the launch of CHARIS, Paul VI Audience Hall, Pentecost 2019)

On March 7th 2020, Wilfred Brieven, who was Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens’ secretary and active in the FIAT Association, returned to the Father’s house / passed away.

We remember his presence and his enthusiasm during the launch of CHARIS, in Paul VI Audience Hall on Pentecost Day 2019. For that occasion, he had recorded a video in Belgium with a wonderful message. You can watch that video on our website. His acceptance to CHARIS and to the will of the Holy Father led him to rejoice at the transfer of the rights to the Malines Documents to CHARIS, as the Holy Father had announced.

The contract signed by FIAT and CHARIS specifies that CHARIS has the international rights to publish them. If a country should wish to publish these works in the local language, they need to ask CHARIS for permission, for CHARIS to check that those documents translated are complete. 

CHARIS would like many countries to publish those documents in different languages, because this is the Holy Father’s own desire and so that they may make a substantial contribution to sustaining the current of grace throughout the world. As the one and single Service to the International Charismatic Renewal, we are willing to help out with the dissemination of the Documents. Do not hesitate to contact us.




The original documents were drafted and published over a 15-year period, from 1973 to 1988. 

The first edition of Malines Documents n. 1: The Charismatic Renewal (theological and pastoral guidelines) was published by Lumen Vitae Publishers, Brussels, in 1974, in French.

Document n. 2: Ecumenism and charismatic renewal, written by Cardinal Suenens, was equally published in French by Le Centurion, Paris, 1978 and in 1979 it was published in Spanish by Editorial Roma, Barcelona.

The reprint of the Documents of Malines by FIAT is based on the latest French editions, revised by Cardinal Suenens and published in the Seventies and Eighties.

Document N° 3: Renewal in the spirit and service to man with a preface by Cardinal Suenens goes back to  Pentecost Day of 1979 and was written by him along with the bishop of Olinda Recife, Dom Helder Câmara.

As for Document N° 1 of Malines, please note more specifically that it was written at Cardinal Suenens’s request and bears the signature of:

Killian MCDONELL, as its  final editor, with the help of other members of the international team gathered by Cardinal Suenens: Carlos ALDUNATE sj (Chile), Salvador CARRILLO, msps (Mexico), Ralph MARTIN (USA), Albert de MONLEON op (France), Heribert MUHLEN (Germany), Veronica O’BRIEN (Ireland) and Kevin RANAGHAN (USA). The advisory board of theologians included Avery DULLES sj (USA), Ives CONGAR op (France) Michael HURLEY sj (Ireland) Walter KASPER (Germany) Rene LAURENTIN (France) and Joseph RATZINGER (Germany).

These names already form part of the history of the Church and of the Second Vatican Council. Their authoritativeness is undisputable. Simply reading those names is so moving for us!

At long last the current of grace will be nurtured by that great spiritual wealth and hopefully you will be able to read all of that in your own language. 

The Rome CHARIS office is at your service.