The Holy Spirit, Life-Breath of the Church – Book 3



Book 3 – Document of Malines nº 3, nº 4, nº 6

The third volume deals, in its first part, with the renewal in the Spirit and the service of others, and rests on the important dialogue between Cardinal Suenens on this topic with Dom Helder Camara, bishop of Recife, Brazil, and an ardent defender of the “voiceless”, burning with a preferential love for the poorest of the poor.

The second and third parts of volume III deal with some more specific phenomena linked to the Charismatic Renewal, such as the struggle against the “Powers of Darkness”, exorcism, the grace of healing, and “resting in the Spirit”. These phenomena are not the sole preserve of any one group and must always be located within the entirety of the life of the Church.


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L’Esprit Saint, souffle vital de l’Église


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